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Data Entry Service Provider
Psychology Counselling
Carnatic Karnatic Hindustani Vocal music classed Rajajinagar Bangalore

About Us

MaRa-i-ChaGe believes in green revolution...
Believes in stopping brain drain

Aims at retaining the raw village talent

Pool of similar minded ones 

Formed a great team of data digitization
Made of the women by the women for the women

Showing the world women are empowered

No employees here
Only contributors

Enabled with right equipments

Believes in ability based earnings
Established in the year 2012

Proprietored by Srilakshmi L Rajanna.
Ably supported by Satish L N a people leader

Managed by Reeta Mary

Wonderful team of women by women for women 

MaRa-i-ChaGe means green market...


A successful entrepreneurship to enable women empowerment !


To provide unique and high service to client;

Train & enable women empowerment while Retaining them in the village they are born & brought up;


Provide better customer service;

Increase efficiency;

Improve team training;

Increase profit margin;

Capture a bigger market share;


Respect for client and peers;

Practice high ethical standards;

Responsibility for work;

Team work;

Focus on new and innovative business ideas;

Meeting the desired needs and changes of clients;

Client-focused goals while keeping a healthy work-life balance;

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